To enliven an essence between glare and gloom fact of uproar is always preceded by non complacent of buzzwords, media conspiracy, Abu Bakr Baghdadi to Shekau, unruly shouting between a governor and councilor, everlasting natural disasters, myriad of savage-insurgency acts, homosexual right, and some other coveted miscomprehensions popped out.

Meanwhile, people, have been suffering from droughts, famine, unwell-managed wealthy distribution from grass roots to top of mountain inhabitants, and illogical opaque prices of daily needs.

The all of stuffs have been running for years concurrently. At least these were what have been occurring around my hedges ever since.

The first-two paragraphs are utterly difficult to digest indeed. But those media dishes are inevitable and imminent to always show up in long run. Either me or somebody else must be confused of what went wrong of numerous indecency-scheme communities. Continue reading


CHAOS – blah…blah…blah….

Vague and scattered. Just like sky harmony that sometimes is clear and cloudy at some other time indicating signs of rain and storm. Two enigmas in my head that the brain is solely fluctuated but not stopped thinking. I always think that stagnancy is not a halt but it is just a slow circulation of blood and a lack of quantum leap of neurotransmitter inside of me. I just need some boost injection to make it operating faster and produce more important substances so I’m not look like somebody left-behind.

But how, which is an obvious dilemma until now. I’ve been and still searching for any obscured stone to wipe out so that I could look forward clearly and no more sob stories alias tear-jerking time line in this blog. Continue reading

Importance Learning from Major Incident – Piper Alpha Disaster

I is vital that lessons are learned from all major incidents, as management, cultural and technical failure (i.e. process failures) must be understood so that incidents can be prevented from happening again.

There is much to be learned from investigations carried out onto internal incidents, but the outcomes of other incidents also provide important information. An old saying in health and safety is: “There is no such thing as an accident – only a management failure”. But remember that this statement is not laying the blame for incidents on managers. Instead, it suggests that health and safety was managed poorly overall by having inadequate safety system in place.

For instance, an action as simple as misplacing a permit-to-work certificate was just one of the root causes of the Piper Alpha incident in the North Sea. There are other parallels that can be drawn from Piper Alpha, too, in management, cultural and technical failures that contributed to the loss of the oil rig and 167 lives. Continue reading

Sitting Ducks in Coming of Havoc taking is apparently a common thing for those who want to feel their life more challenging and dynamic. In fact, since child human has been taking some risks such as fall down during start learning to walk, get collision during riding bicycle, drowning at the first time swimming and so on. Consequently, it is likely impossible for people to be able to walk, ride bicycle and swim unless they took the risks in mastering that things.

However, it is inevitable that only view people who have some nerves are able to call a bull by the horn instead of watching it from away. In same meaning, common risky life is just for common people while extraordinary risky life is coming for extraordinary people indeed. Continue reading

Reckless and Haphazard

Adolescents and youths have longed allegedly believe as vanguards of one nation, without a doubt, as hope for future as well. Education system is always utmost a hot ubiquitous topic talked so that the system is genuinely settled to be conceived and implemented within both formal and non formal ways in order producing iron stocks. So it’s all about how to curb moral decadence apparently entangled among young generation today

Of those reasons, no matter how deep people dig to know how building best young generation within their society, however; reckless and haphazard are two things that seems never detached from them. At least, that what I used to be, opting a decision without any further calculation and ended worst is frequent pose I ever possessed. Continue reading